You have a full life.

You’re engaged, busy, productive.

Yet underneath all the activity, there’s this feeling of tension and unease.
There aren’t enough hours in a day to complete it all.

You’re trying as hard as possible to keep up in a world that never stops asking more of you.

You can’t identify the source of the problem,
and you feel you shouldn’t complain,
but lingering in the background is a sense of urgency,
as if life – the one you’re meant to live – is almost within reach.


Tired of always being everyone else’s life-saver,
and ready to SAVOUR your own life?

Guess what?

You can still be that superhero for everyone else – while also being a wonder-woman for yourself – and feel energized, healthy and alive, with the sense of freedom and peace you’ve always craved.

Hi. I’m Kaliopi.

I help overwhelmed, people-pleasing women
make themselves a priority,
so they can change not only their own life,
but the world at large.

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