From Overwhelm to Awe

An 8-week, small-group program to help overwhelmed, people-pleasing wonder women move from a state of anxiety, stress, and guilt, to the peace, space, and self-acceptance they crave.



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Restore. Rejuvenate. Recharge.

Create space for what’s missing

Remove energy vampires

Time for YOU


The program includes:

  • Eight 90-min group sessions (via online video)
  • Activities & exercises between sessions
  • A ‘swag bag’ mailed to you (a package with fun, support materials you’ll need over the 8 weeks)
  • Guided audio meditations & mind-body tools
  • A private Facebook group to connect, collaborate and share experiences between sessions
  • A recording of each session in the event you have to miss a class
  • A small group of women who are in a similar place as yourself

Program Outline:

WEEKS 1 & 2: Creating External Calm

The first step to moving out of overwhelm and anxiety, and into an inner state of expansion and calm, is to create external stillness, silence and space.

  • Week 1: Create Stillness
  • Week 2: Create Space

WEEKS 3 & 4: Silencing Your Inner Critic (& Let the Kid in You Come Out and Play)

Now that creating external space and stillness has become a daily practice, in Weeks 3 & 4, we shift into quieting the mind chatter by immersing your 5 senses in the present moment and bringing out your creative side, your child-like nature and doing activities you love!

  • Week 3: Indulge Your 5 Senses
  • Week 4: Delight, Humour & Art

WEEKS 5 & 6: Your Life’s ‘Operating System’

In Weeks 5 & 6, we will introduce journaling exercises and mind-body tools that will help you start to identify how your past has helped shape you into who you are today, and how to ‘reprogram’ some of the conditioning that gets you stuck in a cycle of duty-bound overwhelm, anxiety and guilt.

  • Week 5: What Keeps You Stuck
  • Week 6: Upgrading Your Life’s Operating System

WEEKS 7 & 8: Creating Internal Calm

In Weeks 7 & 8, we will introduce practices that will help you start to access your inner guidance and wisdom, so that you make decisions that move you away from overwhelm and closer to peace.

  • Week 7: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe
  • Week 8: Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom

There are only 5 spots per class (total of 10 participants in the program) and registration closes Friday, September 21st, 2018.

Start Date: Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Two time-slots open:

Tuesdays at 1pm EST/10am PST

Tuesdays at 8pm EST/5pm PST

Early registration is recommended so as to provide sufficient time for delivery of your ‘swag bag’ (package with fun, support materials) prior to the start of the first session.


Want More Info?

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Detailed Outline, Pricing, & FAQs


“Your coaching session the other day

-Abigail Steidley
Master Certified Life Coach
Founder of Anamsong Mind-Body Coaching University