Is This You?

You're an ultra-responsible, high-achieving wonder-woman.

You're super reliable, deeply empathic and rarely disappoint.

You're always the one to come to the rescue - for your boss, your family and friends.


Being everything to everyone all the time - and trying to maintain high standards while doing so - has taken its toll.

You're never fully rested. 

You’re having to force yourself out of bed every morning, always feigning an upbeat, positive attitude, when really, you feel like the ‘living dead’.

You’re tired of always pushing and pressuring yourself, going above and beyond, and denying your true needs and wants.

You’re starting to resent always being the ‘responsible’ one, and you wonder if it’ll ever be your turn to sit back and rest.

Worst of all, it’s affecting your health.

You’re either always under the weather, or struggling with depression, perhaps even dealing with a chronic illness that modern medicine acknowledges, but has no solution for.

You’re falling apart at the seams, and don’t know what to do.

What you long for most is TIME.
Unlimited time. For yourself.

To unwind and rest, to rejuvenate and recharge.

But the last thing you have is time.

Any ‘me’ time that is squeezed in feels rushed, and the nagging guilt that you ought to be doing something else negates any leisurely gains.

You think: “There HAS to be a solution, I just haven’t found it yet.”

And so the trial and error begins

You try changing your schedule.
You work more from home.

You switch job roles or even workplaces.
You hire a cleaning lady.
You sign up for a restorative yoga class (that you never make it to).
You even start trying to figure out your life’s purpose.

But nothing works. You’re running out of options.
You’ve tried everything.
With no success.

And your coping mechanisms aren’t helping.

You hop onto the internet, check the news, and read your FaceBook feed and Social Media.
You grab something to eat while you watch some tv.

Next thing you know, you’ve overeaten, endlessly trolled the internet, and gone on a Netflix binge.

What was supposed to be a ‘breather’ has left you feeling guilty, frustrated and wondering if you’ll ever get your life back.

You swear tomorrow will be different. You’re gonna push yourself to start fresh - like you always used to.

But you don’t.
Not because you don’t want to, but because you literally can’t.

You’re depleted, through and through. Body, mind, and spirit.

A nightmare you never thought you’d find yourself in.
A vicious cycling with no seeming solution.

You know you are capable and have so much to offer.

You know you could THRIVE…

If only:

  • you could meet your obligations AND have enough time to refill your own well
  • you could 'keep the peace' without it having to come at a cost of your own well-being
  • dealing with conflict and confrontation didn't feel so crippling
  • you didn't feel so guilty and bad when disappointing someone in your life
  • you didn't have to be the only one bending over backwards to get things done

You want to scream to the world that you've tried it all.

You've read the books.
You've listened to the podcasts.
You've even watched a webinar or two.

You've tried time-management. Meditation. Yoga. Self-care.
You've tried doing less.
You've tried pushing through and ignoring your needs.

You've done everything you can to avoid displeasing others...
But no matter how many sacrifices you make or how hard you try, it's just not paying off.

No one seems to appreciate or recognize your efforts.
You don't get the reciprocity and respect you strive so hard to earn.

You're spent through and through and just can't go on this way anymore...

How do I know all this, you ask?

I know all this because ‘this’ was my life before I uncovered the root of the problem; before I learned how to 'rewrite' the rules I was unconsciously living by and how to rewire my brain and body so I could say 'yes' or 'no' without the guilt and self-doubt.

Are you ready to identify the root cause, rewrite, rewire and put an end to your people-pleasing ways?

I can tell you from personal experience this IS possible.

You can create a future where you live with less stress and anxiety, have relationships that are healthy, balanced and reciprocal and where you continue to care deeply for others as well as yourself. 

Are you ready to change your life on a fundamental level?


Science-based knowledge combined with mindfulness-based practices that we do together, help you rewire and learn the skills you need to change your people-pleasing ways and build healthier, more balanced relationships - at work, home and social circles.