“Your coaching session the other day

-Abigail Steidley
Master Certified Life Coach
Founder of Anamsong Mind-Body Coaching University

“You manage to maintain a sense of the beauty of life and a feeling of wonderment. The French word “émerveillement”. This quality is evident in your interaction with other people and in fact it is contagious. People can experience your feeling of wonderment simply by talking to you.

I have experienced this empathic interest in me as a person. As a result I feel supported and soothed at the same time when interacting with you. It is my experience that you are like a breath of fresh air, a light breeze that brings comfort and solace even when it is not intended. You are like a balm that soothes irritations.
- C.M.
“Thank you, thank you. It was magic. I feel such relief and so grateful. It sure does help to talk things over. You did such wonderful and effective work with me today, something that will have far-reaching results. Such a gift.
- J.V.
“Kaliopi is able to infuse a client with the energy required to deal with life’s difficulties and challenges in a sensible and realistic manner.
- C.J.
“Kaliopi, you have such a gift of understanding and visibility into helping to resolve and recognize the issues in order to reclaim my life. You have clariy, sound advise, your insight is fabulous and you are extremely easy to talk to.

I really value your wisdom and consider you a guiding light showing me the way out of the fog!
- B.Y.
“Kaliopi has a sparkling intellect, is insightful, and very caring. She is helping me see things from outside myself and giving me self-confidence and a sense of worth. I feel revitalized and hopeful.
- K.B.
“When I work with Kaliopi I feel empowered, inspired, nurtured, loved… like I’ve been wrapped in a warm hug and feel like I can do anything.
- E.S.