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Want a wondrous and rare glimpse into the life of cute red-tailed hawk chicks?

Although there are many ways in which technology takes us away from the natural world, it can also bring us closer.

Much, much closer.

I'm talking inside-a-hawk's-nest 'close'.

The photo you see above is from a live streaming video that allows viewers from around the world to see - up close and in real-time - the lives of Otto and SU-Sue, a red-tailed hawk pair that have been nesting on the campus of Syracuse University, New York for over 8 years.

Mama Sue feeding one of the chicks while the other snoozes in the nest cup - Syracuse University, NY

The wonders of technology have allowed me not only to watch two precious chicks hatch this past week, but to actually participate in capturing their entry into the world.

I have the privilege of being a live cam op (camera operator) for the Syracuse University Nest Cam this year, which means I get to zoom in and out and get an up close peek into the lives of these extraordinary creatures, while at the same time giving others the opportunity to see inside a hawk's nest!

How extraordinary is that?! 

5-day and 3-day old red-tailed hawk chicks at Syracuse University, NY

Think about it.

Never before have humans been able to witness what goes on inside a hawk's nest from egg to fledge* and yet that's just what I've been doing. *(fledge = chick's first flight off the nest)

Watching these little lives unfold deepens my awe and reverence of nature and these extraordinary creatures.

An understanding of the natural world and what's in it is a source of not only a great curiosity but great fulfillment. David Attenborough

Follow along with me and watch these adorable chicks turn into full-fledged hawks in a matter of weeks

Chick on the far right: "You gotta listen to whatever I say, cuz I'm older than you"

Please note: The live stream shows the everyday lives of red-tailed hawks in a natural setting. You will see a range of normal hawk behaviours, including feeding. Please view with discretion, as certain images could be upsetting to some viewers.

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