You’re a self-described people-pleasing wonder woman.

Your deep sense of responsibility and empathy mean you are always there for everyone else, making sacrifices, and putting your own needs last.

Being a positive force in the world is important to you.

But you’re exhausted. Tired. Overwhelmed.

Your body has begun to break down.
You can no longer keep up the way you used to.

You feel perpetually drained, and it’s affecting your health.

You know you need to put yourself first,

But you’re scared.

You’re scared that your life will come falling down like a house of cards.

Your biggest fear is that you’re going to lose everything you’ve worked for: your lifestyle, your salary, your reputation, and health, not to mention the love of your family and friends.

And then where will you be? Then what will you be left with?

If you stop fulfilling your roles and meeting others’ expectations – Why would anyone like you or love you? Why would anyone want you around?

The reality is that having spent your life being the ultra-capable, super-reliable person that always does their best means your identity – your very self-worth – revolves around what you can do for others.

And this is why everything you’ve tried so far to solve your problem – changing your schedule, better time management, even switching job roles or workplaces – hasn’t worked for you.

Most of the solutions you’ve considered are external. Your problem is not external.

Your problem is internal.

It’s woven into how you perceive the world and your place in it.

Early on you learned that ‘working hard’ and ‘being ‘good’ were the easiest ways to get along with your family.

You became an expert at detecting any hint of disappointment or irritability and became a master at anticipating the needs of others.

Avoiding criticism and conflict at any cost became your modus operandi/shaped your every choice.

These experiences molded your beliefs about how the world works and created your life’s ‘operating system’ that says:

  • Selflessness = Good, Selfishness = Bad
  • Anything worth having (love, family, a job, a house) requires sweat and tears
  • Work doggedly hard now – Delay pleasure – Reap rewards later (hopefully)
  • And… Whatever you do, Don’t disappoint!

In short, you believe that you MUST EARN YOUR EXISTENCE.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not true.
I’m here to tell you that you can have it all – family, love, a job, a house and more – not by earning it, but by simply being you.

You just don’t believe it yet.

And not believing it is keeping you trapped in this people-pleasing cycle that’s leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed.

The people-pleasing cycle that is no longer sustainable.

The people-pleasing cycle that you need to end – before it ends you.

And it is possible.

I know, because I’ve been exactly where you are and have come out the other end. 

I can tell you it is possible to change your lifelong ways.
It is possible to believe that your existence is as important as everyone else’s.

You can make yourself a priority, set boundaries and practice radical self-care without feeling guilt and being loved and accepted for who you really are.

In fact, I’m here to tell you that dropping your high-achieving, people-pleasing ways and uncovering your authentic nature is the ONLY way to living your true potential, to feeling incredible joy, freedom and thriving in the life you were meant to live.

Are you ready to be rid of overwhelm?
To break the chains of duty and guilt?

To feel truly worthy, deep in your core?

Are you done being everybody else’s life-saver, and ready to savour your own life?

There’s nothing I’d love more than to hear your story.