Here’s How to Get Started:

Step 1:

Begin by taking the free mini-course “Inner Calm 101”.

In this 3-part video series you’ll learn a bit about me, the root problem leading to overwhelm,  and the solution I discovered out of that spiral.

I also share one simple exercise, from my signature program, that you can begin doing right now to help you move towards inner calm.


Step 2:

Take my signature course ‘From Overwhelm to Awe’.

In this 8-week online course you’ll be walked through every step of the solution I share with you in the mini-course.

You’ll be given all the tools I used – and use! – week by week, in the form of videos, guided audios, related activities and exercises, as well as being given access to the private FaceBook group where I show up and offer support, tips and more.

What You’ll Get:

  •       Weekly lesson videos and mid-week support videos
  •       Guided audio meditations & journaling exercises
  •       Activities & exercises
  •       Mind-body tools & guided visualizations
  •       A private Facebook group to connect, collaborate and share experiences between sessions
  •       A group of women who are in a similar place as yourself

Your Expected Results:

By the end of this program, you will know, and be well on your way to:

  • Decreasing overwhelm
  • Connecting to an inner sense of peace
  • Carving out time for you
  • Replacing energy drains with restorative practices
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Reconnecting to, and incorporating, whatʼs important to you
  • Improved physical and mental well-being
  • Feeling a sense of personal empowerment
  • Creating space for your dreams and desires
  • More fun, laughter, creativity and play in your daily life

The weekly structure of intentional connection increases the likelihood you will continue these practices long after the program is over.