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Overcoming Mental Blocks

How do you get past the same mental hurdles that prevent you from making a change in your life?

Some reasons that hold you back, and what to do about them.

What keeps you stuck in a rut:

  • Life has taught you it's better to play safe.
  • What if fears. What if... the change is worse than your current situation? What if... you look stupid?
  • Financial security - "it's called 'work' for a reason" - you're not supposed to like your job.
  • How your change will impact others around you.
  • Not knowing what possible paths exist; all you know is you're unhappy where you are now.

I get it, life is hard and change is both scary and uncomfortable. In fact staying in the rut you're in makes sense from an instinctual point of view.

As humans we are programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

Safety and security are to be sought out, it's one way we avoid pain.
But if you're miserable... you're not exactly avoiding pain, are you?

What you need to understand is this:

Our biggest regrets are not in our actions, but in our inactions.

It's the things we wish we could re-do, and the chances not taken, that we regret.

If you keep settling for an "okay" life, you'll reach a point where you've missed out on your own life, on chasing your dreams; of being truly happy and feeling fulfilled.

The potential of fulfillment and pleasure lies in expressing your full capacity for growth.
What is potential?

Potential = Dormant Power
Potential is the acorn that holds within it the promise of a mighty oak.

There are forces that reside deep within you, that have not been weathered down by life, that will astound you, once tapped into and brought into action.

So... how to deal with these hurdles:

  • List your triumphs, achievements; all you've overcome and challenges you've superseded.
  • Question how you are making your current choices.
  • Get clear on your definition of a successful life - what is important to you?
  • Yes, your choices will affect those around you, but their life also impacts yours. You don't live in a vacuum. The only life you can direct and truly change is yours.
  • List all the possible worst-case scenarios and how you'd deal with them; my guess is you're in the worst-case scenario now – 😉

Most importantly, trust deeply in yourself, in your abilities.
Trust the process.
The act of planting a seed is an act of faith. The end result will be worth it.

You're amazing. You know you are.
You're where you are right now because you're extraordinary, tenacious, determined and powerful.

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  1. Amazing information!! So valuable and so true for everyone to follow! Your insight into this topic is much appreciated! Thanks… moving forward to hurdle the wall!

    1. I love it, Brenda! It may not even turn out to be a real wall… just a mirage!
      Delighted that you found the information so valuable.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      P.S. Be sure to share when you're on the other side of the wall!

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