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“Zoom Out” to Experience Exhilaration

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 How to shift perspective instantly, and step into a world of awe.

Life is exhilarating.

In this very moment, marvels are occurring everywhere you turn.

There is awe, wonder, and beauty not just surrounding you - it's bombarding you. You are immersed in it every moment of every day.

'Zoom out' of your life for a moment - the way you would on your phone camera.


There is so much to take in...

The ball of fire hanging in the sky.

The geometric symmetry of a snail's shell.

The mountains crumbling into granules of sand.

The innumerable reactions occurring in your body, orchestrating the symphony that is you.

The mind-blowing fact that all living things are comprised of the same four base-pairs (molecules) of dna, strung together in a different order.

The key is to step back - to not get so caught up by your life that you miss out on the spectacular display.

You have a finite number of breaths in this life; a finite length of time.

In this time, you have the chance to consciously witness and participate in this extraordinary cosmic dance.

Don't take it for granted.
Fall in love with it.
Dare to live fully and experience the exhilaration that is life.

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